Cinnabar Press is a small book publisher. At present we publish books for the handcrafted soap and cosmetic industry and genealogical books pertinent to the Denning, Hanchett, Chandler and Croly families.


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Soap and Cosmetic Labeling:

How To Follow the Rules and Regs Explained in Plain English

Intended for an audience of handcrafters of soap and cosmetic products, Soap and Cosmetic Labeling delves into the applicable laws, regulations and rules that govern what must go on the label of a soap or cosmetic product sold in the United States. (184 pages)

Available from in paperback ($24.95) and Kindle ($9.99).

Complying with MoCRA:

A guide for cosmetic handcrafters

A comprehensive guide to the laws, rules, regulations, standards, and guides that could apply to those making soap and cosmetic products. It covers labeling, advertising, basic business requirements, contests, endorsements, intellectual property and much more. For those looking to expand into new areas or activities, it can provide a "head's up" for what rules and regs may apply. (500 pages)

Available from in paperback ($9.95) and Kindle ($4.95).

Navigating the Rules & Regs:

A Practical Guide for Soap and Cosmetic Handcrafters

A detailed look all the parts of MoCRA, explaining how to determine which parts of MoCRA might apply to a small cosmetics business, what steps are needed now, and what will need to be done later (and how to prepare for it). Up-to-date as of February 2024.

Available in paperback and Kindle

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Good Manufacturing Practices:

For Soap and Cosmetic Handcrafters

When it comes to ensuring that products are made with good manufacturing practices, handcrafters have different issues than large commercial manufacturers. Good Manufacturing Practices provides common sense solutions to adapting commercial standards to handcrafted situations. (171 pages)

$24.95  Get it from

300 Years of Natural Soap & Cosmetic Recipes

Culled from over 30 books covering soaps, cosmetics, prescriptions, women's "guides" and household tips dating back to 1719, this book provides hundreds of recipes for all types of soap & cosmetic items using natural, less-processed ingredients.

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We also make our books available at quantity discounts for any business that wishes to add them to their retail book line. Pricing can be found on the Wholesale page.

Genealogical Books

Our genealogical books can be found on the Genealogical Books page.